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Founded in 1984 The Real Estate Group has been a long-time source for real estate brokerage services. While most local companies have sold out to national corporations The Real Estate Group is the longest operating privately owned brokerage in San Luis Obispo. We like it that way, and we’re keeping it that way because we don’t want the pressure of meeting sales quotas that come with name brand ownership. We believe that only an agent without the pressure of making a sale can give honest, ethical, and straightforward guidance. In the last ten years, we have sold over 450 homes in San Luis Obispo County. Feel free to call and interview us. 

Our Clients

I’m not sure how Johnny stays so calm throughout the whole process.  My wife and I were moving to SLO from Idaho and she was eight months pregnant.  We had to close simultanously with our house here which was also contingent upon that buyer selling a house.  He ended up having multiple conversations with our agent in Boise and somehow he orgainzed it so we could close all three properties at the same time.  All we had to do was pack up the car and get to SLO.

Eli & Sigrid S.

We interviewed three agents and Johnny just had the most intelligent non-invasive listing approach. He also had a great no pressure attitude that made us feel at ease.  He told us we could cancel the listing anytime for any reason if we felt he wasn’t doing a good job!  Long story short the market here is bonkers and we ended up getting four offers on our house and $32,000.00 over our asking price.  We love Johnny.  We think you will too. 

Michael & Rachel W.

We were first time home buyers and had no idea what we were doing.  Johnny was awesome and explained everything so we felt comfortable signing the endless amounts of paperwork. He taught us about escrow, title reports, inspections, basically everything.  We got a great house for what we could afford and our kids are pumped on the backyard

Jake & Kristen L.

I was coming out of an exchange and wanted to invest in income property.  I’m from Southern California but I liked San Luis Obispo because of the high rents and that there was a University.  There was very little inventory at the time (only 6 multi family units in SLO proper) but Johnny analyzed each one.  He was able to show me how Gross Rent Multipliers work and how to derive different methods of pricing. He even put me in touch with a property manager before we closed escrow.      

Peter A.